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Cashback - cut your bills and buy most things online cheaper

Cashback is a smart way to save money on goods and services that you would purchase anyway.

Big companies are relentlessly looking to increase their market share. They offer to pay online retailers a commission if the retailer will pass customers to them. What a cashback site does is offer to share that commission with the customer.

Take for example, home insurance: I have no choice about whether or not to take it out – I have to insure my main asset in case it burns down. I can use a price comparison site to determine a short-list of insurance companies that are competitive for people in my situation. Then I can visit a cashback site to see if any of these companies on my list offer cashback. For me one of the best was Churchill, and by going through the website Top Cashback I get £80 cashback.

Next, I've already decided I want a new Dell computer and have been on the Dell website and customized the options I want. Then when I've decided to purchase I log on to and find Dell in the list of retailers, click through to Dell's website and place my order. Subsequently, I get 3.5% of the purchase as cashback. It's easy money.

To join Top CashBack is free. You provide your e-mail address and a password and that's it. You search though thousands of offers for the products from big companies, that you would maybe buying anyway.

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, the drawback is that you have to wait many weeks/months to get your cashback. The supplier e.g. Churchill or Dell will wait to ensure that it's a genuine purchase, the credit card is valid. They wait in case the customer cancels during their legally entitled cancellation period. They then pay the network provider a month in arrears. The network provider then pays Top Cashback a month in arrears. So it can take a long time for the money to be payable in your account. Neither is the system 100% guaranteed because the tracking software can sometimes go wrong. But there is a contingency for Top Cashback to manually pursue your cashback on your behalf. Remember these are purchases you would make anyway because they are the best deals for you. The cashback is a very welcome bonus.

Get Cashback

That's great for small online purchases. But cashback is now available on this website for secured loans which for anybody is a significantly large amount of money. A cashback of 2% for your secured loans is really worth having. With our cashback there is no tracking software involved and so it is a certainty that you get your all cashback.

Update as of 18th June : I have gained £274 in cashbacks in two and half months
It's becoming more widespread and was featured very positively on today's BBC2 Working Lunch programme.

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