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iSecured LoansTM - About Us

We have over 20 years experience as Independent Financial Advisors. Our online speciality is secured loans.

Our Managing Director is Stephen Richardson, B.A. (Hons)
F.P.C. (Full) - Financial Planning Certificate 1,2 & 3
CeMAP - Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice
IAC - Investment Advice Certificate

iSecured LoansTM is the trading name of Mortgage & Insurance Exchange Ltd.
Customer Support Centre
5 Beaumont Way
Tel: 0800 0728 302 or 01254 702 169
Fax: 01254 702202
Company number 04940422
Financial Services Authority Authorisation number 471007
Data Protection Registration Z8683791
Consumer Credit Act License Number CCL 547123

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Why was iSecured Loans started?

Steve Richardson, Managing Director:

"Technological advances are the main driving forces behind improvements in our industries and lifestyles. A £1000 computer today might have 100 times the memory and speed of one bought just 10 years ago. The decision for a lender to give a customer a secured loan involves a lot of complex criteria: loan-to-value, total household income, bill payment history, employment status, income reliability, existing credit card debts, time at current address, interest rates etc. However these days, all this mass of information is stored and calculated on modern computers. A lender or loan broker just keys in the minimum and quickly a decision is made. Very little real underwriting work is done. These technology improvements massively reduce lenders costs. But, would it shock you to know, that these cost reductions are not passed back to the customers?

As an Independent Financial Advisor I've managed to get some great deals for my clients, saving them thousands of pounds. By setting up iSecured Loans we were able to make these home loans available to the discerning Internet customer, not just those lucky enough to be on my client list. Yes, I make a healthy commission to help give my family a good standard of living. But by sharing the commission with you the customer we've been able to ensure that every single secured loan contract is improved to become the best possible deal."

Secured Loans

Stephen Richardson - MD
"iSecured Loans gave us a fanastic service." Mr & Mrs Allen, Accrington
"Thank you very much for your quick efficient and excellent service. The cashback was a real bonus."
Roger Cray, Birmingham

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